About The Company

DistinQT Quality Trends Co., also known as the brand DSTNQT, is a top online store that offers premium quality apparel for men.

We have transcended beyond ordinary male apparel to further provide our unique clientele clothing options for their circuit party needs.

We have apparel ranging from active wear, gym wear, swimwear, beachwear, to circuit party wear made from comfortable, breathable, and premium materials suitable for men. 

Each clothing piece gives the modern male the ability to tastefully show off his body, without sacrificing comfort;

whether pumping iron in the gym, strutting around on the beach, or partying the days away in a circuit party.


DSTNQT is a firm advocate of campaigns such as HIV awareness and workplace equality, and have been supporting organizations such as Love Yourself Inc. in the Philippines.



What is a Circuit Party?

A circuit party is a large international dance multi-day event, varying from country to country, which extends through the night and into the following day, almost always with a number of affiliated events in the days leading up to and following the main event.