About The Company

DistinQT Quality Trends Co., also known as the brand DSTNQT, is a top online store that offers premium quality clothing primarily for men. We have apparel ranging from active wear, gym wear, swimwear, to beachwear, made from comfortable, breathable, and premium fabric suitable for men.

The brand DSTNQT was conceptualized to encapsulate the different facets of the modern male, and we believe that the modern male juggles the balance between work and play.  

Thus, we believe that the “play” experience has to be intensified and diversified to  a progressive level that will make each experience memorable.   

DSTNQT is a strong advocate of inclusion and unity through public visibility.  

We want to be able to cater to the unique needs of the male market; helping them tastefully show off their bodies while working out, at the beach, or just partying the time away.

We are also a firm advocate of campaigns such as HIV awareness to provide the  necessary information that will enable the modern male to have fun safely.